Shampoo Bar - Good Hydration
Shampoo Bar - Good Hydration

Shampoo Bar - Good Hydration

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A game changer to hair care!! Raise the Bar for Awesome hair!!   

Hydrating volumizer shampoo bar.  Enriched wtih avocado oil and oat protein to restore and hydrate, leaving your hair soft, shiny and smooth. Very hard water tolerant. 

Made with all natural ingredients, plant based extracts and essential oils to cater to your specific hair needs. Say goodbye to bad hair day!! 

 Soap Free, Sulfate free and pH balanced

New to Shampoo Bars?  It is easy to use... Just wet your hair thorougly, wet the bar, apply directly to wet hair and massage into lather, finally rinse!  Easy peasy! 

Note:  Keep them out of the direct water flow from your shower, allow to dry out in between uses and a rack which allows air to circulate is a perfect place to store them.