(Mother Earth) Bali


“Everyone deserves clean water”.

“We are all responsible to keep our island clean”

“We need to make changes immediately”

“Stop pretending to be eco friendly – It’s not a spectator sport”.


Across the country of Indonesia it seems there is an underlying consciousness steadily growing & intertwining through our minds. We see it through the media - TV, Instagram, Facebook, posters in the street. People are talking about it over cups of coffee, daily meals. Environmental concerns are manifesting through the nation. Vibrating on a higher level. We can no longer look away, sweep it under the rattan carpet, throw it into the local stream. It’s no longer a spectator sport. Time to stop playing at saving this little world we need to live in. Its time for positive action.


IbuBumi grew out of this need for action. The need to return to her natural roots. To remember how our grandmothers existed within her arms. To bring back the traditional methods that have existed since the beginning of our time. To stop being “romanced” by the media who support the industrial machine. To start questioning what we are buying & how we use these products. “Does it damage the environment in the manufacturing process?” “Will I harm the environment when I use this product?”. “Am I being environmentally responsible?”. “How can I do better?”


We at IbuBumi have planted a forest. This forest will provide us with oxygen. This forest doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. It’s a magical forest. This forest supplies us with the ability to launder our clothes without using chemicals. A tree that grows it’s own laundry detergent naturally. Fueled by the sun & rain. Its roots pushing gently through the earth. This special tree has been around for centuries. Our grandmothers used her daily. Our rivers were clean. Our consciousness used to be clear. IbuBumi would like to reintroduce you to the Sapindus mukorossi tree. 100% organically grown by Mother Nature.


Lerek or Klerak pohon, as they are locally named grow Soap Nuts. An incredibly unique fruit because they contain saponins naturally. They have the ability to create suds. Once you have suds you can emulsify dirt out of fabrics & viola! Clean clothes! They are a natural water softener so no need to buy an industrial water softener, another win! They do not contain any chemicals, preservatives or hormone disruptors. They are hyporallergenic so no more skin reactions to clothes laundered artificially. Ideal for those who suffer eczema, allergies & psoriasis. Perfect to launder clothes for baby’s sensitive skin. Your towels will be fluffier & softer! Your whites will be whiter, your colours will be brighter. Soap nuts are kinder to the fibers in your clothes thus reducing the micro-plastic pollution that is growing at a worryingly rate in our waterways.

Due to the lack of harsh chemicals, soap nuts are non-intrusive to our natural water supply & septic systems. No more smelly grey water. No nasty residues. Habitats will thrive. Clean water for all. It’s a win win.


Our soap “nuts” are actually not a nut but a berry fruit related to the lychee family. So they are completely nut allergy safe. They are called “nuts” due to how they look. Their hard shells resemble nuts as opposed to squishy fruit.

They are hand harvested & sorted to provide you with the highest quality product.

IbuBumi has a zero plastic policy in our production & distribution. Our packaging & product are completely compostable! At IbuBumi we love to tread lightly! You can find our product on our Facebook, Instagram or Shopify pages. Very soon we will be in an outlet near you. We are creating a sustainable product range that will be affordable & mainstream. Stay tuned as time for action began yesterday!