IbuBumi Bali

Mother Earth Bali


Throughout indonesia’s extrodinary archipelago there is an underlying consciousness steadily growing. We see it through the media - TV, Instagram, Facebook, posters in the street. People are talking about it over cups of coffee, daily meals. Environmental concerns are manifesting through the nation. We can no longer look away, sweep it under the rattan carpet, throw it into the local stream. It’s no longer a spectator sport. Time to stop playing at saving this little world we need to live in. Its time for positive action.


IbuBumi grew out of this need for action. The need to return to her natural roots. To remember how our grandmothers existed within her arms. To bring back the traditional methods which have existed since the beginning of our time. To stop being “romanced” by the media who support the industrial machine. To start questioning what we are buying & how we use these products. “Does it damage the environment in the manufacturing process?” “Will I harm the environment when I use this product?”. “Am I being environmentally responsible?”

And “How can I do better?”