Citrus Crush - Underarm Deodorant Balm

Citrus Crush - Underarm Deodorant Balm

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A calming combination of active antibacterial magnesium & essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Grapefruit & Lemon. Provides you all-day odour protection.  With coconut oil, sweet almond oil & shea butter to nourish your skin.  Free from aluminium, parabens, palm oil & alcohol.  


35 gr



Your pits.






Magnesium, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Lemon.


Magnesium, a mindful deodorizing miracle! Magnesium in our Underarm Balms reduces body odour naturally! We are often deficient in magnesium so adding it to your pits is an easy way to get your daily dose. Reduces anxiety & stress, promoting a calm & restful mind. A little marvellous wonder to support you throughout your busy day.

Lemongrass Stem Oil, Lemon Peel Oil & Grapefruit Peel Oil a citrus fresh & uplifting blend that protects against odour causing bacteria.